[Proposal] Galxe Info Bot - Your Ultimate Galxe Guide

Hello and happy time everyone! :wave:

I propose the launch of the Galxe Info Bot, a comprehensive Telegram bot designed to assist users in navigating and understanding all aspects of the Galxe ecosystem. This bot will provide users with instant access to valuable information, links, and updates, enhancing their overall experience with Galxe.

Why This Matters:

The Galxe Info Bot aims to streamline access to information, making it easier for users to stay informed and making the most of their Galxe experience. This initiative will benefit all community members, from newcomers to seasoned users, by providing a reliable and user-friendly resource.

Capabilities of the Galxe Info Bot:

  • Comprehensive Assistance: The bot will guide users through all aspects of Galxe, offering detailed explanations and support.

  • Instant Access to Information: Users can quickly find links, resources, and updates about Galxe, saving time and effort.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The bot’s intuitive design ensures that users of all levels can navigate it with ease.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay up-to-date with links, token price, and developments within the Galxe ecosystem.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: By centralizing information, the bot fosters a more connected and knowledgeable community.

Target Audience:

The Galxe Info Botis designed for all members of the Galxe community. Whether you are a newcomer looking to learn the basics or an experienced user looking for specific information, this bot will serve as as a valuable resource.


No budget is required for the current operation of the Galxe Info Bot, as it is currently maintained and running smoothly by me. However, if necessary, we can consider acquiring a dedicated server to ensure even greater stability and performance in the future.

Call to Action:

I encourage all members of the Galxe community to support this proposal. By voting in favor of the Galxe Info Bot, you will be contributing to the enhancement of community’s knowledge and engagement. Let’s take this step towards a more informed and connected Galxe community.


I think the idea of launching the Galxe Info Bot is fantastic. A comprehensive Telegram bot dedicated to helping users navigate and understand all aspects of the Galxe ecosystem sounds incredibly beneficial. It will provide users with instant access to valuable information, links, and updates, enhancing their overall Galxe experience.


For sure not a bad idea !

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I think this is a good addition to the official Galxe TG channel. It can be pinned in the telegram channel and people can use it when they need it.