[Proposal] Galxe Community Budget Q3-Q4


This proposal seeks financial support from the treasury to facilitate community activities during the Q3 and Q4 of 2024. The requested budget is 25,000 GAL tokens, with the primary goal of enhancing community engagement, attracting new users from different regions, and fostering the growth of our community. The allocated funds will be utilized for a variety of global and regional events, excluding Community Space seasons, with the aim of creating a vibrant and expanding Galxe community.


The Galxe community is pivotal to the ongoing success of our protocol. To sustain and amplify our community’s vibrancy, we aim to organize diverse events that will not only increase engagement among existing members but also attract and onboard new users. This budget will empower us to create meaningful experiences that contribute to the continuous growth of the Galxe community.



The proposed funding will be specifically designated for community events taking place during the third and fourth quarters of 2024. These events will be strategically designed to enhance global and regional event participation with giveaways, ultimately contributing to the overall growth of the Galxe community. It is important to note that this budget proposal excludes operational expenses related to Galxe.


This proposal covers all community events and initiatives scheduled for 2024 Q3-Q4, excluding Community Space seasons. The allocated funds will be directed toward event-related expenses, including prizes, rewards, and promotional activities. Any surplus funds not utilized during this period will be reserved for future events and programs.

Success Criteria

The success of this proposal will be measured based on the achievement of the following criteria:

  1. Significant increase in community engagement during global events.
  2. Substantial growth in regional event participation.
  3. Noticeable increase in the number of new community members.
  4. Positive impact on the overall growth of the Galxe community.


The proposed budget for this initiative is 25,000 GAL tokens, covering community events such as regional events and giveaways from 2024 Q3 to Q4. Detailed timelines, event-specific information, and breakdowns of expenses will be provided in separate event announcements to ensure transparency and effective utilization of the allocated budget.


Alright :smiling_face_with_tear: Want a few allocations for the Bangla region too! There are so many Galxe users from Bangladesh, but because there are no rewards, they aren’t active on the Galxe Discord server :grin: Wanna welcome them with a reward campaign.


It’s great that Galxe regularly creates events with rewards for the community. This helps Galxe always receive attention and enthusiastic support from everyone


Sounds reasonable, you can sign :slight_smile:


OK, it seems great. lets go.

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support this proposal, there is nothing to add, just let’s do it)

Fine and interesting. I’m for.

I think, it is very little amount, guys)

ok ok ok ok
good good good
я согласен

I think the amount needs to be increased at least twofold)

No rewards, it seems great. let’s go.

great idea!!! if you increase the number of coins it will be absolutely great

I agree with you, bro.


I agree with this. G to moon

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A good proposal with distinct goals, and I think it deserves all support .

Good Work! 1000X on launch is peanuts for G community.

I agree with that suggestion

very nice Galxe :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Here is to a successfully Quarter.

Thanks to the team for their hard work